City Surveillance

As cities and towns expand, security in common areas like parks and downtowns becomes more and more important. A constant stream of consumers and visitors are vital for the success of restaurants and local businesses, and video surveillance is a great security tool to keep consumers safe and towns

Benefits of Municipal Surveillance

Increased business – Cameras posted in high-traffic and risky areas can help reduce street crime and encourage more consumer traffic to stores and restaurants, increasing business and local revenue.

Reduction in crime – Security cameras in public places can help reduce crime and vandalism, and assist law enforcement in apprehending criminals whose malfeasance is caught on camera.

Improvement of public areas – By bringing in additional business and encouraging use of public spaces, public surveillance cameras can help make parks, public squares and city sidewalks better and more hospitable for everyone.


Different Surveillance Solutions

Bits Technical Provide different kinds of Surveillance Solutions for different Businesses or industries. We will always provide customized solutions which will fit your needs.

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