Bits Technical is happy to announce a recycling program that will assist both in protecting our environment and in preventing excessive waste of useful materials.

Currently, the Bits Technical Recycling Program applies exclusively to Bits Technical or BitsOpen Branded computer equipment in the State of:

  • Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • Accompanying Keyboard and Mouse
  • Computer Monitor


Because the recycling concept is very important to us, we at Bits Technical want to make the process of returning computer equipment to us for recycling as easy for our consumers as possible. Consumers who live in the Houston and surrounding areas can drop off applicable computer equipment at our location located at 10415A Westpark Dr., Houston, TX 77042 between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:30PM CST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays.) We will accept the applicable computer equipment for recycling free of charge. 

For consumers in Texas who live outside the Houston area (or Houston-area consumers who are unable to drop off applicable computer equipment at our location,) please contact us at or at 800.858.2487 and arrangements can be made to have the applicable computer equipment picked up and shipped back to us for recycling free of charge.

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