RMA Policy

This RMA policy is intended solely for products sold by BITS Technical Corp. to customers. Products purchased through other sources (ex. factory, importer, distributor) may be eligible for this policy upon written confirmation by a representative of BITS.


In order to return an item, you must first obtain an RMA number. To obtain an RMA number you must provide: 1) BITS's invoice number and date, 2) Product model and serial number. Any product returned to BITS Technical must be complete and in original condition (including all original documentation, manuals, parts, diskettes, packaging, cables, etc.)


Returns are for repair or replacement only, and entirely at the sole discretion of BITS. Except as outlined below, credits and exchanges are not allowed. If requested within fifteen (15) days of the BITS Invoice date, a credit or exchange may be issued for purchases of given product. All credits will be based upon the current selling price of the returned item(s). If a return is approved, a 15% restocking fee/handling charge (20% for special order items), based on current pricing, will be applied to credits and exchanges beyond the above period and on those not following the procedures outlined in this policy. *Any item with a broken manufacture's packaging seal is subject to a 15% restocking fee. All special order items are subject to a 20% restocking. *All returned assembled systems are subject to a 15% restocking/testing fee. *Assembly and labor fees are non-refundable.


BITS maintains an in-house (BITS' office) warranty service policy. Whether via a faulty product or BITS error, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to return the item to be serviced to the BITS office where the product was purchased or to a pre-approved authorized service repair center. All RMA items must be shipped FREIGHT PREPAID, with the RMA number prominently displayed on the package. Shipments not meeting ALL the above conditions are subject to handling charges by BITS. BITS SHALL PAY THE SHIPPING COSTS TO RETURN REPAIRED OR REPLACEMENT ITEMS TO THE PURCHASER, provided the following conditions are met: (1) items were originally purchased from BITS, (2) items are still under warranty, and (3) items are confirmed to be defective. Shipping and handling charges shall be assessed for products received which are: (1) not defective, (2) counterfeit items, OR (3) another company's brand. Such products shall be refused or shipped back to Purchaser COD. If help is needed in distinguishing genuine BITS products from substituted ones, please contact BITS's Technical Support Department. Replacements will be shipped back by UPS ground prepaid. Any other methods will be charged accordingly.


Repairs shall be made within fifteen (15) days from date of receipt, twenty (20) days (OR MORE) for shipments exceeding fifty (50) pieces. A replacement item will be shipped if the product cannot be repaired within the time allotted.


When purchased from BITS Technical Corp., products are warranted free from defect in material and workmanship for twelve months from the BITS invoice date. This covers parts and labor required to repair or replace such product. For more information, see BITS's Limited Warranty. Repaired items, whether customer original or BITS replacement for same, are warranted for the remainder of the original of the original warranty period. BITS also performs out-of-warranty repairs for most products. Please call our RMA Department for current information on pricing and availability.


Any merchandise returned for replacement that are not defective are subject to a service charge and will be returned freight collect. Any claims for loss or damage in shipments must be made to the shipping carrier directly. Claims for shipping errors should be reported to BITS Technical immediately upon receipt of merchandise. Please check with RMA Department for current shipping, handling, restocking, and out-of-warranty repair charges.

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